Create a Bird-friendly Habitat in Your Backyard

Scientists have identified habitat loss as one of the biggest reasons for the decline in bird populations. You can make a difference by adding native plants to your yard.

A plant is native if it has occurred naturally in a particular region, ecosystem or habitat without human introduction. Native plants provide shelter and nesting areas for birds, as well as natural sources for nectar, seeds, berries and insects.

Native Plant Facts

  1. Native plants typically grow healthier and stronger than non-natives.
  2. Native plants are low maintenance, requiring less watering, fertilizer and pesticides.
  3. Native plants assist in managing rainwater runoff and maintain healthy soil as their root systems are deep and keep soil from being compacted.

For you, native plants add a wealth of beauty, texture, varying heights and bloom times, providing a stunning display over multiple seasons. For birds, native trees and plants are home to caterpillars and other insects, which provide food for nestlings.

Adding native plants is one of the 7 Simple Actions to Help Birds. Stop by the store to learn more about native plants and actions you can take to help #SaveTheSongBirds.

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