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Shop In-Store Once Again

Wild Birds Unlimited Open Once Again for Safe In-Store Shopping

To say that the last few months have been unusual would be an understatement. Throughout this time, we were happy to be able to serve you in a limited capacity and sincerely appreciate your support of our locally-owned small business.

We are thrilled to announce that our showroom is open once again for in-store shopping! We can't wait to see your smiling face in person once again.

We want you to know that our top priority will be to provide a safe environment for you and for our staff. For the foreseeable future, a few things will be different in the store and we appreciate your patience as we all get back to feeling "normal" once again:


Use of PPE: Our staff will wear masks and we require that shoppers wear masks as well while in the store. 

If you're not yet comfortable shopping in-store, you can keep your feeders filled by ordering online at mywbu.com/havertown to have items delivered or to arrange for curbside pickup Or, just call us at us at (484) 453-8721.

Until we meet again, we wish you peace and good health. 

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Nature Centered From Wild Birds Unlimited

Subscribe to our podcast featuring Wild Birds Unlimited's Chief Naturalist, John Schaust and Brian Cunningham, Product and Hobby Education Manager. Listen, as they share information about feeding the birds and enjoying nature right in your own backyard. Relax, enjoy the birds, and stay Nature Centered.

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Anna's Hummingbird on Feeder

How to Solve Late Summer Problems

While late summer continues to be a wonderful time to feed the birds, unwanted feeder visitors can be troublesome. With the proper feeders, food and accessories, you can enjoy your birds and limit these possible problems.

Nectar Feeding Solutions

Our WBU Decorative Window Hummingbird Feeder features a built-in ant moat and is designed to work with our Nectar Guard® tips, preventing bees, wasps and ants from becoming an issue.

Aggressive male hummingbirds can bully others from visiting a feeder. By hanging multiple hummingbird feeders around your yard, you make it difficult for a territorial male to defend the area, allowing other birds to visit the feeders.

Starling and Grackle Solutions

Offer safflower, and keep starlings and grackles from eating all your bird food, crowding your feeders and chasing away the birds you want to see. Safflower is a small, white seed that is high in protein and fat. Most song birds eat safflower, however, starlings, grackles and squirrels typically do not.

Chickadees with On-Guard Cage

Squirrel Solutions

There are many ways to keep squirrels away from your existing set up.

Put an On-Guard™ cage on your feeders. This will allow smaller birds to eat but prevent squirrels from reaching the food in the feeder. We carry cages for seed tube, peanut and suet feeders.

  1. Put an On-Guard™ cage on your feeders. This will allow smaller birds to eat but prevent squirrels from reaching the food in the feeder. We carry cages for seed tube, peanut and suet feeders.
  2. Offer safflower. Like starlings and grackles, squirrels typically do not eat it.
  3. Use baffles. By correctly placing a baffle on your bird feeding set up or a dome baffle on your feeder, you can prevent squirrels from eating your bird food.

APS Basic Mounting in Box

Advanced Pole System Brochure

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Bird Feeding Tricks and Tips

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Video How to Enjoy Feeding the Birds in the Summer

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